Coordinates Conversion

Conversion for various datum in Malaysia from Cassini Soldner to GDM2000.

Price:: RM 75.00 MYR

Download:: coordconversion.apk

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Free Software

Free Software

Ddmmss -decimal degree


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Cassini to WGS84

Coordinate Cassini to WGS84 conversion.
Harga : RM 15.00 MYR

Download: cassini2wgs.apk

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Survey Tools

Survey Tools
OS:: Android
Harga : RM 50 MYR

Download : surveytools.apk


1.Convert Area

2.Convert Distance

3.Bg/Dist to XY

4.Travers with editor & misclose

5.XY to Bg/Dist

5.Find 2 distance

6.Road Secant




10.Kiblat to Mecca

11.Lot Division

12. Area by Coordinates.

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Solar Comp

Kiraan Cerapan Matahari.
OS:: Android
Harga : RM 25.00 MYR

download :

1. solar.apk (6,jan,2017 fix koordinat origin)

2. Manual

3. pekali polynomial

4.polynomial coefficients for sun 2014

5.polynomial coefficients for sun 2015

6.polynomial coefficients for sun 2017


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